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Our People

Senior Executives, Clinicians, Consultants from throughout the world

International Health Management

Unlike most companies, International Health Management, LLC is composed of Senior Executives, Clinicians, Consultants who have hands-on experience in designing, leading and managing all phases of healthcare, related systems and facilities.

Following is a partial representation of a sample team. Selected members are experts in their fields. As engagements develop and clients change, team members might change. However, Cliff Christiansen, President and CEO of IHM always provides consistent oversight and supervision of an engagement. Non-compromising quality is of utmost importance and is rigorously controlled.

Cliff Christiansen, IHM President and CEO, in his 30 years as a clinician, executive and consultant in health care leadership, system design, management, quality improvement, and marketing, Cliff Christiansen has analyzed, started, reorganized and led a variety of health care facilities and related businesses. He particularly works with for-profit corporations, governments, and other entities that wish to adopt a for-profit, cost effective model. As a CEO, Christiansen has individually applied his clinical, financial, organizational, marketing and leadership abilities to 12 hospital startups and financial turnarounds.

Christiansen, at home in diverse cultures, has lived in Europe and the Middle East, as well as consulted in India, Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Russia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahraine, the Ukraine, Yemen, Belize, the United States and elsewhere. In Saudi Arabia, he was the first western CEO in a top private tertiary Medical Center. He also commissioned and led a 280 bed addiction hospital and the first kingdom-wide addiction treatment and prevention system in Saudi Arabia. His 1980's work in Russia and Asia precedes work performed by other companies.

Click here to read more on Christiansen and his experience.

Bob Lundin holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School, a BA in Economics from Brown University, and is a Bush Fellow. Bob has held corporate finance positions with one of the largest Middle Eastern holding companies.

He has held the position of Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer for AMI Saudi Arabia, Ltd. (Xenel Group), the largest hospital operations and management company in Saudi Arabia. His experience in healthcare and other industrial finance and accounting, cash management, insurance, audit and new business development are difficult to equal. His positions as Vice President, General Manager and Director of Planning and Administration in many healthcare, manufacturing and product distribution companies and the marketing of such businesses brings not only technical and hands-on experience, but global views of these industries.

Bob's understanding of the financial markets and his banking and credit relationships with major banks in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and overseas branches of U.S. banks bring an understanding of multi-national relationships and the economic and currency risks associated with certain endeavors.

George Purvis holds an MBA in Finance, has served as the Director General for the Aga Khan Health Services Foundation in Paris, held executive positions at the Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine and was the Director of Finance. He has been an adjunct Professor in the Pennsylvania Graduate Program in Healthcare Administration and adjunct lecturer in the College of Medicine.

George has published extensively in World Health Forum, World Hospitals, and Hospital Financial Management among a few and taught courses in the Philippines, Indonesia and Eastern Europe. His consulting assignments with the USAID, ADB and the World Bank have covered Eastern Europe, East Asia and North Africa. His experiences with Ministries of Health and private sector development permit George to move his depth of experience quite easily to any part of the globe.

George's ability in finance and administration, countrywide health services analyses and development, Ministry restructurings and payment system design are an asset for clients of International Health Management, LLC

Judith Shamian, RN, Ph.D, CHE, is a professional nurse, educator and executive with a Ph.D. in nursing executive management from Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio and a masters in international health education from New York University. Judith is a Fellow from the Wharton Fellow's Program, from the Wharton School of Management at the University of Pennsylvania and she is a diplomat of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

She has held positions of Vice President for Nursing at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto; Associate Professor, Nursing, University of Toronto; Head of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center at Mt. Sinai and performed consultation throughout many countries in South America, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. She has been a contributor to three books, written articles for innumerable journals and is frequently requested to deliver presentations and symposiums around the world. Judith is "first a clinical nurse". With this as her core, her ability to analyze, lead and establish nursing and other clinical departments, develop curriculum and training programs, and lead hospitals and personnel worldwide is substantially recognized. She is more than qualified to lead and manage hospital departments of nursing and be a CEO in many hospitals around the world.

In addition to her own abilities, she is able to call upon a network of colleagues who "fit" the specific needs of our clients.

We anticipate that Judith can provide initial analysis of the current hospital and contribute to the nursing organization, recruitment and training programs for the new hospital.

Dennis Streveler, Ph.D, BS, holds a Ph.D. in Medical Information Science from the University of California, San Francisco; an MS in Information and Computer Science from the University of Hawaii and a bachelor's in Physics, Cum Laude from Washington-area universities including Georgetown, the American University, the University of Maryland and the Catholic University of America.

Dennis has been the national Technology Projects Manager for Kaiser Permanente which is one of the foremost private healthcare systems in the United States. He has been the managing partner for Western Healthcare Information Systems Consultants; Vice President, Technology and Product Development for AnimaTek International; and Director for Unitek Computer Systems, Inc, Honolulu. He has also been Associate Professor, Information and Computer Science, University of Hawaii, and the Senior Systems Engineer for Staub Clinic and Hospital in Honolulu. Dennis has experience in the Middle East, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe.

He is not only able to see clearly the information needs of hospitals and systems, but the present staff's capacity to know and to learn. We have Dennis available to assist in determining the hardware and software that is practical and cost efficient provide for telemedicine and satellite communications, select and hire health information specialists.

Jacqueline Carolee Hart, RN, Ed.D, MSN, MA, is a nurse clinician and educator. She has teaching and administrative experience in associate and bachelors degree nursing programs in the United States and the Middle East. Jackie has been an assistant professor of nursing at Kuwait University, Kuwait, nursing educator and clinician in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; was the program director of nursing and medical records for the Manahil Company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and director of nursing education for Asia Central Hospital in Abha and the King Fahed Military Comply in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. She understands the Middle East, accomplished as an educator and an able supervisor. She has held a number of clinical and nurse educator positions in California, Arkansas, Missouri and Nevada.

Jackie can be engaged to write nursing/clinical standards, recruit and teach staff. Depending upon the timing, Jackie can also be available to assist with commissioning and opening.

Jeff Frommelt has over 30 years experience in healthcare and he has assisted more than 200 clients in 34 states and a number of foreign countries. His work includes strategic planning, organization and governance, mergers and alliances, and health facility construction valued at over $1 billion. He also served as National Advisor with Argus-Arista Associates, has been a partner with Coopers & Lybrand, and a principal with Herman Smith Associates, an international healthcare and management firm.

Jeff has been a frequent lecturer for institutes, seminars, and graduate programs. He is the co-author of Building a Hospital; A Primer for Administrators and he has written for such publications as Healthcare Financial Management and Trustee. He has often been interviewed and quoted in the healthcare press including Hospitals and Healthcare Networks and Modern Healthcare.

Irma Groot, R.N., CNOR, SANE, DABFN. Irma is a "super nurse". She is an operating room, critical care and forensic nurse in a major US Medical Center. She is also a military officer and Trained Flight Nurse. Her analytical skill, clinical judgment and management decision-making are exceptional. She has the ability to teach, supervise and mentor, most often in highly critical and death threatening situations.

One of her specialties, forensic nursing, is a rarity and expands on her expertise in quality assurance as well as the evaluation of treatment and patient events that can do patients harm. Irma's understanding of the essential attributes for quality nursing permit her to evaluate as well as develop procedures, assess quality of care, develop interventions to best serve patients and support physician patient management.

Irma reviews standards of practice, develops policies and protocols, and revises as well as creates educational programs for forensic, infection control, surgical and critical care areas. She also assists International Health Management, LLC in a variety of other clinical and management areas.

Irma is a Diplomat of The American Board of Forensic Nurses, a Certified Operating Nurse and a Member of The International Association of Forensic Nurses.

Baydzar (Lily) Bouldoukian, RN, SCM, FPP. Ms. Bouldoukian is a "super nurse" and speaks and writes in Arabic, Russian, French, Armenian, Turkish and English. She has over 25 years of experience as a registered nurse, certified midwife and has been a Director of Nursing, Rehabilitation, Public Health, Family Planning and responsible for post graduate programs in a number of clinical areas. In England, Lily has been the Director of Nursing for Nothingham General Hospital and British Hospital for Mother and Child and staff midwife at Forest Gate and the Plastow Maternity Hospital.

Her primary health center infrastructure development and disaster relief responsibilities in Beirut, Lebanon, Basra, Iraq and Armenia are well recognized by a number of organizations. Lily has held positions with the American University, Beirut; Lebanon School of Public Health, Save the Children, UNICEF, the International Red Cross, USAID, and the World Health Organization.

She works with flexibility and at a high performance level in demanding and complex situations; her ability to analyze organizations and medical competencies and to then implement management and clinical change is great. She is a total system person and can comfortably establish and manage multiple clinics, direct clinical nursing services in major hospitals and develop teaching programs.

Because of her breadth of nursing and management experience and her multilingual capacities, we utilize her in the partial reviews of staff and training needs at the current hospital and in the commissioning and management of hospitals.

Jim Hosking consults primarily in the area of master facility and equipment planning, functional space programming, market analyses, business feasibility and ambulatory care planning. He has over 30 years of healthcare experience and has been a vice president of TriBrook/AM&G. He has been a partner with Coopers & Lybrand and Herman Smith Associates as well as a management engineer with Medicus Systems Corporation. Jim has worked with community hospitals, academic health science centers, physicians’ groups and healthcare systems.

He is a Fellow of the American Association of Healthcare Consultants and the Healthcare Information and Management System Society as well as a Diplomat in the American College of Healthcare Executives. He holds an MBA with a concentration in hospital administration and finance from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Ed Grube assisted in developing Kearney & Company's healthcare practice in the mid-60's. Later, through Grube and Associates, Inc., he developed a 17 member consulting firm, based in the US, but with significant business components in Latin America. Since 1984, Ed's world client assignments have included project management, financial feasibility, development of models, establishing an international central purchasing network, program and space planning and devising models and mechanisms to improve healthcare facility financial performance. From 1984 to 1991, his practice was based in Paris, France and he has performed assignments for the World Bank and companies in the United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, India, Pakistan, Colombia, Venezuela, and Costa Rica.

Ed has had extended engagements for the Aga Khan Health Services, the Aga Khan University Hospital and other Aga Khan sites throughout the world.

He has been extensively involved in market analysis, feasibility studies, modeling and determining the financial feasibility for a number of hospitals in South America. His knowledge of purchasing and materials management enabled him to develop a central purchasing function covering four countries and solving problems related to import licenses and procedures, letters of credit and improved internal warehousing and distribution systems.

Suleiman Arabie holds an MBA in Hospital management and a Nursing Diploma from the Lebanese Nursing School, Beirut. He has held CEO, nursing/clinical positions and other positions at the Al-Amal Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Al Hada Military Hospital and Rehab Center, Taif, Saudi Arabia; Herman Hospital, Houston, Texas; Saint George Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon; the Ministry of Public Health, Kuwait.

His combined experience in administration, finance and nursing offers Suleiman perspectives and first hand knowledge that are exceedingly helpful to total organizations and particular disciplines.

He is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and National Association for Healthcare Quality. Suleiman is fluent in Arabic and English.

Linda Doody is a registered nurse with a graduate degree in educational administration and an undergraduate degree in vocational education. She holds certificates in total quality management and health services management as well as post nursing diplomas in critical care, mental health and nursing administration. She is a certified member of the Canadian College of Health Service Executives and is currently representing the Province of Newfoundland, Canada as an elected member of the National Board.

Linda, too, has more than 30 years experience in the delivery of health services. She is a participative leader and provides consultation primarily in operational improvements, utilization management, facilities planning, financial management and the restructuring of health services.

Linda also works as a Nursing Consultant with the Province of Newfoundland, Canada and provides consultation towards the development of acute clinical and long-term residential programs in the Province's 58 health facilities. She participates in the allocation of annual funding to the Regional Institutional Health Boards and has been an active participant in the re-engineering of institutional health services in the Province since 1990.

Linda has clinical specialty expertise in critical care, mental health and long term care. She has worked as a clinical nurse in these areas as well as on general medical/surgical nursing units in acute care facilities.

Bill Brown, Ph.D. presents an amazing variety of experiences from academia, industry, and applied science. As Dean of a graduate school where he administered over 75 masters and 25 distinct doctoral programs including health and human services, education, arts and sciences, he also became Director of the Systems Science Institute at the University of Louisville. He is a Fellow of the National Space and Aeronautics Administration.

Bill's experience and abilities are applicable to many aspects of our projects since he has been involved in medical research and education, biomedical technologies, rural health, regional based medical information systems, telemedicine networking and the development of joint medical educational initiatives.

His associations within such institutions and companies as the State University of New York, Tufts, University of Chicago, Boston University, University of California at San Diego and Brown University positions him to not only perform careful and specific analysis and strategic initiatives, but assists our company in gaining access to resources uncommon to the capacities of most healthcare management companies.

In addition to the people listed, we have excellent physician resources, "super" nurses, management personnel, other architects and construction managers, equipment and information specialists, managed care and countrywide system designers to whom we have easy access and who share our high expectations for excellence and ethics.

When desired, we have access to multi-lingual personnel.

The experience we bring to our clients is not easily matched in the international market.

Janel Moede, Licensed Physical Therapist. Janel is a Mayo Clinic trained, physical therapist with over 30 years of clinical experience. Janel Moede

As our domestic and international clients consider the development of postoperative, rehabilitative and corporate medicine, Janel's experience in orthopedics, pain management, cardiology, pediatric through geriatric rehabilitation, home care and related brings both international and domestic perspectives.

Janel has traveled extensively throughout the world and worked within multi-lingual situations in the Middle East . Her experience in major tertiary care facilities, outpatient clinics, community programs, skilled nursing facilities and home care brings broad dimensions to her practice. Her ability and interests in a number of clinical areas and her own capacity for high-quality performance and productivity and the similar expectations she has of others are significantly advantageous to our clients.

Janel's consulting, hands on and teaching skills and interpersonal relations are great complements to our associates' who design and equip rehabilitation facilities.

Mukesh Meheta

Mr. Meheta is a management professional with a Bachelors of Science and an MBA from Delhi University. Mukesh has rich and diverse experiences of more than 20 yrs in the Indian healthcare industry having served in various areas such as  Healthcare Management pharmaceuticals, healthcare automation, diagnostic imaging, and medical devices. He has held senior management positions such as Vice-president, General Manager and Consultant for top European and American Companies assisting them in developing their business in the Indian subcontinent. 

In his areas of expertise he provides business planning and development, reorganizations, startups, strategic planning, forecasting, revenue generation, marketing and sales, and establishes business alliances. Mukesh has strong and many and personal and business relationships with senior professionals / CEO / CFO within the healthcare sector including government and private hospitals, clinics and laboratory settings and with project consultants in and around India.

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